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Commitment to Quality: Our Comprehensive Approach to Quality Management in Safety Footwear Production



At Xiamen Workway Protection Technology, we believe that the strength of our products rests in our uncompromising commitment to quality. As a leading safety footwear manufacturer, we have established a robust quality management system (QMS), encompassing all stages of our production process, from raw material sourcing to final product distribution.


1. Raw Material Purchasing


Our journey to quality begins with the sourcing of top-notch raw materials. We have forged long-standing relationships with reliable suppliers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability. To ensure consistent quality, all incoming materials undergo stringent quality checks. Any batches that do not meet our rigorous standards are promptly returned to the supplier.


2. Compliance with Global Standards


In line with these international standards, every component and finished product is tested to ensure they meet or exceed these requirements. CE EN ISO 20345 / 20347 standards guide our production for safety shoes within the European Market, ensuring protection against mechanical risks, such as impact and compression.


On the other hand, ASTM standards are followed to meet the demands of the American market, focusing on protecting users from a variety of hazards including impact, puncture, and electrical risks.


2. Material and Production Testing


Every batch of raw material received is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure conformity with these standards. This involves a multitude of tests, including hardness checks for steel toecaps, slip resistance for outsoles, and chemical analysis for leathers and polymers.


Similarly, during the production process, both in-line and end-line inspections are carried out to ensure the product's safety and performance attributes. The inspections include fit tests, impact resistance tests, and even electrical resistance tests, depending on the specification of the footwear.


3. Certified Laboratories


To guarantee the validity and reliability of our tests, we perform all checks in certified laboratories. These labs have the necessary equipment and trained personnel to accurately execute and interpret these complex tests. Additionally, they also follow established procedures for calibration and maintenance of the equipment to ensure the consistency of the tests.


4. Production Process


Our production process is meticulously monitored to ensure adherence to our established quality protocols. Our quality control team regularly inspects the production line, checking everything from stitching strength to alignment precision. Non-conforming units are immediately taken off the line for correction or disposal, depending on the severity of the defect.


5. In-Line and End-Line Inspections


During production, we carry out systematic in-line inspections to identify potential defects at an early stage. Moreover, at the end of the production line, our finished products are subjected to a final comprehensive inspection. This process includes physical checks, fitting tests, and even impact resistance tests.


6. Continuous Improvement


Quality management at our company is not a one-off activity but a continuous process. We strive to identify opportunities for improvement in all our processes, driven by feedback from customers, suppliers, and our own internal audits. Moreover, we invest in regular training and development for our employees to keep them updated with the latest best practices in quality management and production techniques.


7. After-Sales Service


Even after our safety footwear leaves our facility, our commitment to quality continues. We offer an exemplary after-sales service, ensuring our customers have access to timely assistance and support. Any feedback received from customers is treated as a valuable resource for improving our products and processes.


Our company's commitment to quality is not just about meeting standards; it's about exceeding expectations at every opportunity. We recognize that the hardworking individuals who use our safety footwear entrust their safety to our products. It's a responsibility we take very seriously, and it's the driving force behind our unwavering dedication to quality management.